We’re proud to be the leading natural & organic food demo company in the United States, coordinating events nationally.

We are pleased to represent our wonderful clients in Fresh Thyme, Whole Foods, Sprouts, Vitamin Cottage, Central Markets, Lassen’s, Mother Markets, and many, many other independent natural food markets.




Our demonstrators have quite a diverse background, but all have your product’s success in mind. Learn all about our highly-trained staff and how they can take your product to the next level!


We are in our fourth year of partnering with Natural Selection Promotions, and we couldn’t be happier with their services. Their team of demonstrators are professional, knowledgeable about our product and represent our brand well. Demonstrators are an extension of one’s company and often the only face-to-face contact a customer has with a brand, so having individuals you know have been screened and well-trained is critical. NSP’s online reporting system is second to none. We contract with a number of demo companies across the country, and none of them have the reporting capabilities of NSP. Their platform makes ordering and tracking demonstrations, reviewing results and paying invoices very easy. It is a pleasure working with both Penny and Heather. They are very responsive and attentive to our needs and flexible when changes are needed. I highly recommend NSP for your demo needs.

Deborah MorganOCHO Candy
Working with NSP has been absolutely amazing. Before we heard about them we were doing all of our demos ourselves, all while trying to manage the dairy and ensure that there was product on the shelves. As we grew we found that we were stretching ourselves very thin and getting behind on the demand to demo from the stores. At first we were very hesitant because we felt like we would lose a sense of control over who was introducing our product to the consumer. But, after NSP and their staff helped us put together a training video that all demo staff were required to watch, we felt reassured that the control we thought we were losing wasn’t lost at all. The video was produced very quickly and very professionally, and done precisely to our standards. In regards to the performance of demos; every time we request a demo it is slotted and executed shortly after. We love the reports that are provided to us from demo specialists that detail the actual demo. I would recommend to anyone looking for a demo company that NSP is the company of choice.
Charles DubySummerhill Dairy
Choice Marketing has used Natural Selection Promotions, Inc as their primary demo company for over 10 years. NSP has been instrumental in showcasing our vendors products. The fact that they cover so many regions and can accommodate demos in many areas at once has proved valuable for our vendors. I can rest assured that once I request a demo it is executed from beginning to end in a timely manner. Both Penny Hemingway and Heather Fier have always been quick to communicate and on many occasions have helped with last minute demo requests. I have recommended Natural Selection Promotions to our vendors that want to set up a direct line of contact with a demo company. Thank you NSP for all your hard work and I look forward to continued successful demos.
Dawn HaimaChoice Marketing
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