Generation Z: By 2020 Will Make Up 40% of All Consumers

By  Heather Fier February 12, 2018
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Did you know that by 2020 the Generation Z segment (born between 1995-2012) will account for 40% of all consumers according to Fast Company?  

Here’s how your brand can engage and sell to this growing group at the demo table:

  • They like to be a part of product development.  They want to share feedback and product suggestions with brands.  This may be done via your websites comment section/email, at a product demonstration, or through an Instagram comment.  So let them know you want to hear from them. This can be integrated into a demo with a short survey of 1-3 questions while they enjoy their sample.
  • They want to do good.  Studies have shown that 60% want their jobs to make a positive impact on the world.  They are most concerned with environmental issues and social causes. This is great news for natural and organic products!  Make it known what you are doing to make a positive impact. Brand reps should always be educated on the mission of your company and any philanthropic efforts as a part of your demo training.
  • They trust influencers more than traditional celebrities.  They would prefer to see advertisements via social influencers over TV commercials or sponsored articles and banner ads.  So for smaller companies, reaching them through advertising is totally affordable and possible! Encourage brand reps to connect with their audience about your product and your demos on Instagram or Facebook. Consider holding a monthly prize drawing for a reward to demo reps who share photos on social media.
  • They tend to be practical and realistic.  This generation tends to be risk-averse, practical, and pragmatic.  They like to plan ahead and hate waste. Think about your ingredient list, your packaging – keep it simple! Well trained brand reps will be able to speak to these points in an educated manner.
  • They still like brick-and-mortar stores.  More than half of this group prefers to shop in an actual store.  They still enjoy technology alongside the in-store experience though, so engage with them through brand ambassadors while they shop or social media! Bridge the gap by sharing info about in-store events online and encouraging shoppers to post on social media from the demo table to enter an online contest or drawing.

Want to know more about how your brand can sell to Generation Z?  Check out the full blog at HERE!

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