In-store Marketers Must Tell YOUR Story

By  Heather Fier September 28, 2018
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Your brand ambassador agency and in-store marketer team needs to understand and believe in your story. As a specialty, natural, and/or organic brand, your mission to get healthy food, body, and home good options to the masses.  This matches the heart of how Natural Selection Promotions got started

New Hope Network published an article about Nibble, a pop-up snack shop and lessons to learn from them.  While reading this article, one big takeaway was that one of the best ways to engage with customers and sell your products is by telling your story! 

When our brand ambassadors (or your own in-store marketer team) are demo’ing your products give them the information they need to tell the story about your brand.  Share the details they need to express the passion, the vision, and the heart behind your products and why your company got started.

Customers want to hear the story!  They want to feel like an insider. Knowing the personal story behind how the brand got started evokes positive feelings. Sometimes the story about your brand even hits home to your customers when they can relate!

We are here to support your in-store marketer, brand ambassador, and event marketing needs. Help us tell your story to the 1,000’s of customers that our brand ambassadors talk to every week!

So when your team or our team is out there talking about your brand and your products, make sure everyone knows your amazing story!