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5 Tips to be the Best Brand Ambassador

Partnering the best brand ambassadors with a perfectly aligned brand is a challenge sometimes, but the best demonstration companies and instore marketing agencies are able to make magic happen despite the hurdles.  A huge part of the reason we developed a detailed brand ambassador database is because we saw a disconnect between the brand ambassadors and the companies looking for representation.

There are so many great event opportunities and many times the perfect representative for a product does not know about an opportunity that they would LOVE to be a part of until the event is already happening. 
We are aiming to help great brand ambassadors and awesome companies connect and make magic happen with hugely successful events across the country.

The best brand ambassadors craft a resume that attracts the perfect brands, opportunities and events.

In order to help you get noticed for events that you would love to be a part of, we wanted to give you some tips on developing a knock-out brand ambassador resume to market yourself and secure the gigs that will fit you perfectly.

1) Manufacturers are searching for local demonstrators that mesh well with their brand. 

In order for you to stand out from the crowd, you want to express what is special about you and what might make you just the right person for a particular event. Do you love hiking? Motocross? Technology? Baking? Skiing? Don’t be shy! Sharing what you love will allow you to find opportunities that align with you best and will ultimately be the most fun and successful.

A company is going to want to book two very different brand ambassadors to work at a yoga festival and a video game expo. If you some across as bland and don’t give clients a glimpse at what you are passionate about, you may get overlooked for a great opportunity or book yourself for events that really don’t align with who you are.

2) Consider your limits.

Don’t over commit yourself on projects by spreading yourself thin on travel or overbooking. You will provide brands a better service if you don’t take on opportunities that really are not a good fit. You can set the mileage radius around your home that you’d like to work. Yes, casting a wide net will lead to more opportunities being available to you, but don’t overdo it.

Burn out can impact your enthusiasm and the quality of your work. The same rule applies with over booking yourself. Many brand ambassadors try to pack in too much and the quality slips quickly. Working at at a trade show all weekend is exhausting; you deserve to give yourself a day of rest after that before jumping into the next event.

3) Do you want to travel with the brand?

There are many, many types of events out there from the basic in store sampling event to national campaigns that tour the country on a month long bus trip. Depending on your circumstances, maybe traveling the country promoting gelato for a month is out of the question, or maybe it is just the sort of adventure you’ve been hoping for.

We all have our own strengths and there is an event available for every type of brand ambassador, so keep your ideal opportunities in mind, so you know what to watch for.

4) Don’t commit to a job unless you are going to follow through.

The number one frustration for coordinators and brands is a brand ambassador canceling last minute. Obviously, emergencies do happen occasionally. It is very often clear when a brand ambassador “flakes” and it was not an actual emergency. When someone cancels last minutes for a slightly better or more lucrative opportunity, they go directly to the blacklist with brand or agency. If you commit to an event, be loyal to that commitment and follow through. It is hard to regain trust once you’ve lost it.

“When someone cancels last minutes for a slightly better or more lucrative opportunity, they go directly to the blacklist with brand or agency.”

5) Keep growing and learning. 

Keep building your experience and network by taking on new opportunities that are interesting and exciting to you. 
As you develop new skills and interests, new opportunities and connections will come up.  Developing your hobbies and passions makes you special; the brands who are a perfect fit for you will appreciate these unique qualities about who you are.

Lastly, ALWAYS focus on doing a great job at each event you are work. The brand ambassador industry is a small community and once you trash your reputation, it will be incredibly hard to rebuild. Follow through and deliver on your promises and brands will keep coming back to work with you event after event. 

If you are interested in opportunities in the natural and organic industry, please contact us here. Our brands are looking for those who are eco-conscious, outdoorsy, worldly, outgoing, fit, and friendly… among other qualities.


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