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Natural & Organic Trade Shows 2019

By  Heather Fier August 29, 2018
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There is a show out there for everything!  

Showcasing your products in front of distributors and stores, and getting to network with others in your industry can be extremely valuable.  

However, flying your staff to all these shows can be extremely expensive! 
It is much more cost effective to hire in professional brand ambassadors who already lives in the area of the event to assist you at events. 

Our professional brand ambassadors will quickly learn all the details of your products and presenting them enthusiastically to event attendees, potential investors, and store chains!

Here is a short list of large trade show events in 2019 that might apply to your products.  All of them are in major metro areas where we can help you staff your booth or assist in experiential marketing on-site!


Natural Products Expo West March 5-9, 2019

Natural Products Expo East September 11-14, 2019

Summer Fancy Food Show June 30-July 2, 2019

Winter Fancy Foods Show January 13-15, 2019

Vegas Food Show 2019 TBD

Food Northwest January 14-16, 2019

SNAXPRO March 31- April 2, 2019

Sweets & Snacks Expo May 21-23, 2019

International Dairy Deli Bakery Association EXPO June 2-4, 2019

Peanut & Tree Nut Processors Association Expo January 12-15, 2019

Seafood Expo North America March 17-19, 2019

United Fresh Convention June 10-12, 2019


Our brand ambassador agency is here to help support your experiential marketing needs on the floor at trade shows!  We have nationwide coverage. Let us know if there are smaller, local events you need support with; we likely we have a great rep nearby!

In-store Marketers Must Tell YOUR Story

By  Heather Fier September 28, 2018
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Your brand ambassador agency and in-store marketer team needs to understand and believe in your story. As a specialty, natural, and/or organic brand, your mission to get healthy food, body, and home good options to the masses.  This matches the heart of how Natural Selection Promotions got started

New Hope Network published an article about Nibble, a pop-up snack shop and lessons to learn from them.  While reading this article, one big takeaway was that one of the best ways to engage with customers and sell your products is by telling your story! 

When our brand ambassadors (or your own in-store marketer team) are demo’ing your products give them the information they need to tell the story about your brand.  Share the details they need to express the passion, the vision, and the heart behind your products and why your company got started.

Customers want to hear the story!  They want to feel like an insider. Knowing the personal story behind how the brand got started evokes positive feelings. Sometimes the story about your brand even hits home to your customers when they can relate!

We are here to support your in-store marketer, brand ambassador, and event marketing needs. Help us tell your story to the 1,000’s of customers that our brand ambassadors talk to every week!

So when your team or our team is out there talking about your brand and your products, make sure everyone knows your amazing story!  

Brand Innovation through Event Marketing

By  Heather Fier January 5, 2018
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Innovation often comes directly from the consumers when brands listen to what the people want. Event marketing gives brands a special opportunity to tap into their consumer’s needs and wants.

In an interview with Shane Chambers, Krave General Manager, he mentions that consumer feedback is one of the most important part of their company’s innovation philosophy, We have a very robust innovation pipeline for the Krave brand. Strategically, all Krave innovation starts with the consumer. We talk regularly to our consumers, and any Krave innovation concept is rooted in a consumer need.”

What feedback are your looking for to spark innovation with your brand?  What do you want consumers to give you feedback on regarding your products?  

Get more out of your demos by taking the opportunity to connect with your audience to collect this crucial feedback at the demo table. We can add very specific questions to your demo reports to draw out the information you need!

  • What flavor do you wish we made?
  • What scent do you wish we had available?
  • What do you hope we never change about our products?  
  • What nutritional make-up do you wish we had available?  More protein? Less fat? Less sugar? More superfood ingredients?
  • What demographic seemed most interested in the products?  What demographic seemed least interested in the products?

Let the consumers tell you what they want to make it easier for you to create a new items in your line-up!  This will keep them coming back to your brand over and over again when they see you value their opinions. At demos, the reps have this opportunity for direct conversations with the customers.  This interaction is priceless when it sparks a successful new product launch thanks to that feedback!

Connect with our team today to develop an event marketing plan that makes the most of each consumer’s feedback.

5 Tips to be the Best Brand Ambassador

By  Heather Fier January 10, 2018
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Partnering the best brand ambassadors with a perfectly aligned brand is a challenge sometimes, but the best demonstration companies and instore marketing agencies are able to make magic happen despite the hurdles.  A huge part of the reason we developed a detailed brand ambassador database is because we saw a disconnect between the brand ambassadors and the companies looking for representation.

There are so many great event opportunities and many times the perfect representative for a product does not know about an opportunity that they would LOVE to be a part of until the event is already happening. 
We are aiming to help great brand ambassadors and awesome companies connect and make magic happen with hugely successful events across the country.

The best brand ambassadors craft a resume that attracts the perfect brands, opportunities and events.

In order to help you get noticed for events that you would love to be a part of, we wanted to give you some tips on developing a knock-out brand ambassador resume to market yourself and secure the gigs that will fit you perfectly.

1) Manufacturers are searching for local demonstrators that mesh well with their brand. 

In order for you to stand out from the crowd, you want to express what is special about you and what might make you just the right person for a particular event. Do you love hiking? Motocross? Technology? Baking? Skiing? Don’t be shy! Sharing what you love will allow you to find opportunities that align with you best and will ultimately be the most fun and successful.

A company is going to want to book two very different brand ambassadors to work at a yoga festival and a video game expo. If you some across as bland and don’t give clients a glimpse at what you are passionate about, you may get overlooked for a great opportunity or book yourself for events that really don’t align with who you are.

2) Consider your limits.

Don’t over commit yourself on projects by spreading yourself thin on travel or overbooking. You will provide brands a better service if you don’t take on opportunities that really are not a good fit. You can set the mileage radius around your home that you’d like to work. Yes, casting a wide net will lead to more opportunities being available to you, but don’t overdo it.

Burn out can impact your enthusiasm and the quality of your work. The same rule applies with over booking yourself. Many brand ambassadors try to pack in too much and the quality slips quickly. Working at at a trade show all weekend is exhausting; you deserve to give yourself a day of rest after that before jumping into the next event.

3) Do you want to travel with the brand?

There are many, many types of events out there from the basic in store sampling event to national campaigns that tour the country on a month long bus trip. Depending on your circumstances, maybe traveling the country promoting gelato for a month is out of the question, or maybe it is just the sort of adventure you’ve been hoping for.

We all have our own strengths and there is an event available for every type of brand ambassador, so keep your ideal opportunities in mind, so you know what to watch for.

4) Don’t commit to a job unless you are going to follow through.

The number one frustration for coordinators and brands is a brand ambassador canceling last minute. Obviously, emergencies do happen occasionally. It is very often clear when a brand ambassador “flakes” and it was not an actual emergency. When someone cancels last minutes for a slightly better or more lucrative opportunity, they go directly to the blacklist with brand or agency. If you commit to an event, be loyal to that commitment and follow through. It is hard to regain trust once you’ve lost it.

“When someone cancels last minutes for a slightly better or more lucrative opportunity, they go directly to the blacklist with brand or agency.”

5) Keep growing and learning. 

Keep building your experience and network by taking on new opportunities that are interesting and exciting to you. 
As you develop new skills and interests, new opportunities and connections will come up.  Developing your hobbies and passions makes you special; the brands who are a perfect fit for you will appreciate these unique qualities about who you are.

Lastly, ALWAYS focus on doing a great job at each event you are work. The brand ambassador industry is a small community and once you trash your reputation, it will be incredibly hard to rebuild. Follow through and deliver on your promises and brands will keep coming back to work with you event after event. 

If you are interested in opportunities in the natural and organic industry, please contact us here. Our brands are looking for those who are eco-conscious, outdoorsy, worldly, outgoing, fit, and friendly… among other qualities.


How to get the best ROI on a Brand Ambassador Event Marketing Program

By  Heather Fier March 11, 2018
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Achieving ROI in event marketing programs can be elusive, but here are some tips on making your campaign a success.

Laying the Foundation


Over 90% of our clients come to us without a clear goal. It makes it impossible to determine if a campaign is a success without a clear objective. 

Once you have a goal in mind, we need to determine if it is realistic and set key performance indicators (KPIs) for each event and the full campaign. 

If your goal is to make double your event marketing investment back in sales, I can say with a great deal of certainly that this will not be possible from any single event.  

Shift your focus on leads not sales from event marketing efforts.

You will not see an immediate ROI at the demo table or festival booth, but you will have an opportunity to establish a long term, personal connection with your target audience.

This is your initial contact with a potential client. You are collecting a lead and a percentage of them may immediately buy (at a demo table). 

Brand ambassadors are there to collect LEADS for your company which can be funneled down through your marketing and sales path to reach the big goal… a sale! The “rule of 7” says that there will likely be a little more follow up an finesse required to get to the big goal. 

Develop a strategy for your brand ambassadors to capture and record leads at the event. Whether you provide the brand ambassador with a tablet or a notepad, funneling the leads into your marketing machine will help maximize the results of every event.

You do not want to have brand ambassadors take the high pressure sales approach to make the sale today if it will mean sacrificing a long term customer. The store staff and shoppers hate this approach. It is bad for your brand and long term will not result in the growth you are hoping for.

Create the Playbook

The most commonly overlooked step for success is preparing a detailed brand ambassador training manual.

Many brands seem to assume that brand ambassadors can piece together the perfect pitch and list all benefits from their packaging. This is a very risky assumption and is not providing the brand ambassador the tools and support needed to succeed. 

The demo manual or brand ambassador manual should include a basic info on your product: pronunciation, ingredient list, main benefits and features.

In addition to product info, remember this is a DEMO manual, not just a product training booklet, so you want to include specific play by play details on the demo set up, product preparation, and any specific feedback you are seeking from shoppers.

In order to create detailed training manual, you should set-up a mock demo in your office so you can experience the process and provide clear directions. 

Better yet, go out an DO A DEMO (or 10) before you make the manual.

This will likely give you a much better understanding of the brand ambassador’s experience and unique challenges of working in a store, at an expo or festival. I would also guess it will give you a whole new respect for the great brand ambassadors on your team – it is hard work! 

Figure out exactly:
What you want on the demo table
What supplies the demo reps will need 
What literature and display materials look best 

Once you get the table set up perfectly, take a picture of your ideal set up. It is easy for demo reps to mimic your table set up, but it is impossible for them to read your mind and set up the table your ideal way without any guidance. Keep in mind that many stores limit the demo table space to 2×3 feet.

Dial in the elevator pitch. Ask a friend or co-worker to have you run through the pitch and see if it gets their attention in 10-15 seconds.  You will have a really limited time frame to grab the interest of a shopper while in the store, so you will want to dial in your pitch, write it down and add it to your demo manual.

Lastly, remember to include in the your goals or KPIs are for the event in the manual. If you don’t provide this information to a brand ambassador, it is impossible for them to know if their event went well or was a flop.

Always include a list of the specific feedback that the rep should be collecting from shoppers or key talking points. For example, if you have new packaging, you need to instruct the brand ambassador to ask for feedback on it. If you are considering a new flavor, ask the field rep for feedback from shoppers as to which they prefer.

As with most things, a detailed plan makes for a much smoother process on the day of the demo. It will save you time, money and frustration in the long run to be clear and direct with your instructions.

Recruit and Execute

You are now ready to begin putting together the team and the event schedule. 

Each store chain, festival, or expo will likely have completely different processes for booking events, permits, fees and more. 

Some brands prefer to hire, train and manage their own team of brand ambassadors. If you choose to do this, there will be a significant time investment and a demo management software should be used to help keep things organized. 

Another option is to use a demo company, event marketing agency or staffing agency to bring the team together.  This will take some of the work off of your plate, but you want to find a great, experienced group that you can trust to execute your vision.

Natural Selection Promotions has been working in the natural and organic store chains for over 15 years and has  experienced brand ambassadors coast to coast. Our administrative team is savvy to the rules and red tape and recruits and develops brand ambassador teams for our clients with the same care as we would for our own brand.

If you need assistance with finding the best brand ambassadors, feel free to reach out to our team at naturalselectionpromotions.com to hear about how we can help.