Our demonstrators are trained sales professionals who seek to represent all products to the best of their abilities. Many have backgrounds in sales and, or health science, making them outstanding additions to a company’s in-store representation.

first-class resources

The Online Office sets us apart from the average demo company. We work personally with all manufacturers to create an NSP Online Office information page detailing the product and demo details. The NSP Online Office gives demonstrators 24 hour access to product information, forms, POP, etc. to ensure a detailed training that continues beyond the conference call or video training.

The site was developed to allow the utmost ease for manufacturers to communicate all details and demo specifics to the demonstrators. The site also allows demonstrators to submit reports quickly after each event is completed, so that all crucial details regarding sales and customer feedback can be delivered quickly to clients.

Certified Food Handlers

All demonstrators have taken Food Handler Courses and have passed all required course standards for their demo areas. Natural Selection Promotions, Inc. also holds all permits required within the regions.

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