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Brand Innovation through Event Marketing

Innovation often comes directly from the consumers when brands listen to what the people want. Event marketing gives brands a special opportunity to tap into their consumer’s needs and wants.

In an interview with Shane Chambers, Krave General Manager, he mentions that consumer feedback is one of the most important part of their company’s innovation philosophy, We have a very robust innovation pipeline for the Krave brand. Strategically, all Krave innovation starts with the consumer. We talk regularly to our consumers, and any Krave innovation concept is rooted in a consumer need.”

What feedback are your looking for to spark innovation with your brand?  What do you want consumers to give you feedback on regarding your products?  

Get more out of your demos by taking the opportunity to connect with your audience to collect this crucial feedback at the demo table. We can add very specific questions to your demo reports to draw out the information you need!

  • What flavor do you wish we made?
  • What scent do you wish we had available?
  • What do you hope we never change about our products?  
  • What nutritional make-up do you wish we had available?  More protein? Less fat? Less sugar? More superfood ingredients?
  • What demographic seemed most interested in the products?  What demographic seemed least interested in the products?

Let the consumers tell you what they want to make it easier for you to create a new items in your line-up!  This will keep them coming back to your brand over and over again when they see you value their opinions. At demos, the reps have this opportunity for direct conversations with the customers.  This interaction is priceless when it sparks a successful new product launch thanks to that feedback!

Connect with our team today to develop an event marketing plan that makes the most of each consumer’s feedback.

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